Clustering is the task of finding homogeneous subgroups within the data such that data points in each cluster are as similar as possible according to a similarity measure such as Euclidean-based distance.


Kubernetes WebUI

To make a WebUI for using Kubernetes command remotely we need to setup minikube in our system.

For performing this practical I have setup the Kubernetes on the system.

Step 1: Install minikube

Step 2: Start minikube system

Step 3…

Task Description

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that’s used for web development, in web applications, for game development, and lots more. It allows you to implement dynamic features on web pages that cannot be done with only HTML and CSS.

The core-client side javascript language allows us to -

  • Store…

Hello Readers!

In this article we are going to discuss about deploying a trained Machine Learning model over Docker — a containerization technology.

Let’s start…………

Step 1 : Install Docker

Configure yum

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I am a student passionate about Programming and Development | DSA Enthusiastic | working on ML | exploring Indian Culture

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